Here is a 1992 interview with Nirvana and an extremely young looking DAVE GROHL.

They seem in relatively good spirits and in full-flight sardonic mode, talking about the mainstream music business

and the impact that their music is having. (SEE YOUTUBE SUGGESTED VIDEOS LIST FOR PART 2 OF 2)

Them Crooked Vultures, consisting of  Josh Homme, John Paul Jones, DAVE GROHL and Alain Johannes, played the 2010 Teenage Cancer Trust, the charity’s 10th anniversary, at London’s Royal Albert Hall. The band discuss, their music, their other projects, their private lives, and the importance of the event.

Below, an ever-cheerful Billy Connolly carries an evidently nervous and quite possibly intoxicated John Bonham through what is thought to be ‘Bonzo’s’ last televison interview.

Chad Smith (below) gives us a quick on-stage insight into his cymbal set-up. Whatever you may say about his explanatory skills, he certainly can make his cymbals sound good!

The popular and widely respected Jonathan Moffett, both as a musician and man, talks here about how lucky he was to get a gig ( correct me if I’m wrong, but through listening to it, I think he’s talking about how he landed being the drummer with The Jacksons).

Joey Castillo shows us his “best kept secret” with his new DW Classics drum kit. I think this is the best sounding and most attractive drum kit I’ve seen Joey play. Must be strong too, as he doesn’t exactly hold back!



Got a favourite interview by a band / artist / drummer….?

Show your colours, post it as a comment here!


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