I’m Miles, studying Music Journalism and Broadcasting at Staffordshire University. Looking to pursue a career in radio ( I think), be it music based or otherwise.

Been into music all my life and been a drummer for nearly 10 years. This blog is based purely on my own opinion and is my take on some of the musicians, bands and songs that have inspired me and my drumming – or simply, my favourite songs, live performances and interviews.

Any comments are welcome  and arguments are readily recommended by myself – DARE to show your passion like I have here !

Outside of music, I want to travel the world. After all, it’s there to be seen!

Visit www.myspace.com/sweettransistors

and www.myspace.com/traitorsofthegate

to hear some (now old!) demo recordings of a couple of my previous bands. ADD US ON MYSPACE TOO!

Forward direct questions and/ or messages to my personal email address. (below)

ALSO, any bands looking for a drummer, contact me at  :  m.caston@hotmail.co.uk

– all comments will be moderated. I retain the right to remove comments of an unsuitable nature. This blog conforms to the blogger/wordpress content policy


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