Dale Crover ( & Coady Willis )

A relatively uncommon name, but to all in the know, a highly respected and ferocious drummer and percussionist. Dale Crover is truly a beast of a drummer. Strength, speed, volume and just general brutality sum up his style pretty accurately, though in order to exude these traits, a drummer must also have a good musical ear and impeccable timing. Crover definitely has these.

Noted for his manic drumming with American rock band The Melvins, Dale, along with frontman Buzz Osbourne, were long-time acquaintances of a young Kurt Cobain. It is written that Cobain started out as a roadie for The Melvins and through their friendship, Crover has recorded the drum parts for around 10 Nirvana tracks, including Floyd The Barber, Downer and Aero Zeppelin.

Dale Crover

For all the (extremely valid) arguments about control, technique and musical technicality, I can always listen to Dale Crover’s drumming and feel the need to let loose on my drums as hard and loud as possible. Undoubtedly it also has something to do with the sheer heavy sound of The Melvins music, but in turn Crover’s drum parts push it to that next level, for me. Fitting in with the band’s often weird effects and lyrics, Crover has played some unconventional drum sizes throughout the years – again I like this as it is showing non-conformity to anything that may be deemed ‘normal’.

More recently, The Melvins have started to perform with two drummers, Dale Crover (as if he wasn’t enough!) and Coady Willis – possibly one of the best young drummers out there. The first time I saw Willis play, to say the least, I was impressed. Willis’ band Big Business, are a new find of mine, and I have lot of time for them.

Coady Willis


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