Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett

I first noticed Jonathan Moffett’s insane drum skills whilst watching a Michael Jackson concert, around seven years ago. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a big MJ fan, and through researching Moffett’s playing career, he started touring with The Jacksons in 1979. If the Jackson Family et al rate Moffett’s chops, who is anyone to argue?!

Well, for any argumentative souls out there, he has also performed with major stars such as Madonna, Lionel Richie, Diana Ross, George Michael, Janet Jackson and Elton John. If this is still not enough, Moffett has appeared on numerous television shows, like ‘Saturday Night Live’ as well as being called upon for TV and radio jingles.

Jonathan Moffett, with his Michael Jackson 'HIStory Tour' drum kit.

Moffett is a powerful drummer, who seems to know himself very well. He speaks with a spiritual tone and allows his mood to compliment and couple the particular groove he is thinking of – be it staggeringly simple, or technical enough to make you tired after eight bars. His attributes would make for a long list but in my view, I see his strengths in speed, a massive dynamic range, and a genuine ability to make his drums convey a song’s emotion or message.

Jonathan’s CV is undeniably impressive. In addition to drumming, he is an accomplished and well-respected songwriter and producer. He has been known to contribute the odd backing vocal here and there too. Yet he remains humble. His main aim remains to entertain people to his highest level of professionalism, by sharing his talents and gifts.


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