Chad Smith

Chad Smith’s drumming is as excitable as his personality. He may well posses a mischievous grin and a keen sense of humour, Chad is, very seriously, one of the most if not under-rated then overlooked drumming talents in the modern day. His ferocious, power-fuelled funk style has blistered American rock band, Red Hot Chili Peppers, through nine studio albums,  two live albums, three compilation albums, one EP, two box sets, four video albums, forty-two singles, and thirty-five music videos.

Chad Smith (with Flea)

The ability to crank out one hit drum groove after another is an exceptionally difficult thing to do. Not only has Chad done this, his solo abilities on a drum kit are explosive, musically exciting and show signs of his fun-loving sensibilities.

A classic Chili’s tune like My Lovely Man – definitely a favourite of mine, shows how Chad can serve a song brilliantly, but still inflict his own funky frills when required. When you have Michael (Flea) Balzary playing bass guitar in your band, you better be up to the test, or he will take you for a ride and quickly make you look sub-standard. In fact, it’s said in Scar Tissue (Anthony Keidis’ autobiography) that when Chad initially auditioned for the band, it was he who took command of the jam, with Flea and the rest of the band finding it hilarious – and knowing that they had found their drummer!

Chad Smith is a constant reminder to me, to always practice my rudiments and single-stroke drum rolls. Having seen many of his solo clips he is forever proving his versatility and individual sense of feeling the beat. Chad is not afraid to showcase his showmanship skills too – even at the risk of dropping a drum stick! He never misses a beat. A true entertainer.


3 responses to “Chad Smith

  • Victoria

    Probably my ignorance, but he has to be one of the most overlooked band members… especially with all of the spotlight that Kiedis and Flea usually get… sometimes he seems to fade into the back.

    That doesn’t mean he should be underestimated, like you said.. probably one of the most underated and overlooked ones.. Not as good as Joey C 😉

    • milopirate

      I definitely agree with your saying that Chad is often overlooked – almost like he is just taken as a given part of the band. He truly is a great talent. If only more people recognised this as opposed to his likeness to Will Ferrell, which is just so boring!
      Care to enlighten me as to why you like Joey so much….?!

  • Joe Clark

    Well written, hits the nail on the head if you ask me. As mentioned, Chad is severely overlooked, yet I believe he brings out the best in the band. The ‘solid rock’ of the group; whilst Flea, Frusciante and Kiedis found new bizarre ways to behave on and off stage, Chad provided the blanks canvas for them to paint over, musically of course. Far from being the Chili’s only drummer of course, and I must recommend Jack Irons, the original Chili’s drummer, who ended up joining Pearl Jam. Anyway I could ramble all night……….. cracking blog, keep up the good work.

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